8 Ways to Prepare Vegetables That Will Surprise You

We associate legumes with soups and hot stews, but we should start thinking about vegan burgers and meatballs, sauces and much more!

Now that it is cold we think of legumes as a warm resource for spoon eating, especially stews and soups. However, we can continue using legumes in other preparations without resorting to potent stews.

I already mentioned, for example, that in summer we can make a lot of cool things with vegetables. Well, it's similar in winter, but with hot dishes. Remember that legumes are a source of cheap and healthy protein that we can consume all year.

The best ways to prepare legumes

We tell you the best ways to prepare the vegetables so that you get the best out of them.

1. Patés and creams

The hummus of chickpeas is the most popular, but we can also do it with lentils or with beans and serve it warm or hot as an accompaniment to our meals.

2. Vegetable salads

Legumes are essential in temperate salads in autumn and winter. Instead of using cold and raw ingredients, we can use grilled or steamed vegetables and stews, and add them to freshly made legumes, drained or grilled with spices.

Chickpeas are one of the legumes that best fit any type of salad. Try to toast them, make them baked with spices with some sauce before adding them to your salad.

3. Sauces

The easiest is to think of consistent and tasty sauces: bolognese vegan sauce with lentils instead of meat, a cream of vegan cheese with whipped or crushed white beans, etc.

You can also thicken any sauce with legumes passed through the blender. For example you can make a sauce for a salad with oil, vinegar and a handful of cooked chickpeas. Or a sauce to gratinate pasta, making a vegetable béchamel and adding crushed beans.

4. Pasta with pulses

With pasta, in general, we have it very easy because we only have to mix the chosen vegetable with the pasta to have a good dish. For example, whole spirals with black beans, macaroni with beans, etc.

For long pasta, such as spaghetti, legumes of small size (lentils of any type, azukis, etc) are better, which will be better integrated with the pasta.

To add a touch of texture and flavor, the legumes, already cooked and drained, are heated slightly in a pan before adding them to the pasta.

The refillable pastas like lasagne and cannelloni give us even more game. We can fill them with vegetables, vegetables, sauces and make them complete dishes. For example a lasagne of chickpeas with vegetables, homemade tomato sauce and béchamel with nuts.

5. Hamburgers

Legumes are usually the main ingredient of vegan burgers because they give us the whole structure of the preparation, they are easy to mix, they are creamy…

You can mix different types of vegetables to make hamburgers, that's why there is no problem. In fact you can take leftovers to make them. For example, black beans and tofu (soybeans, legumes), white beans and lentils, chickpeas and azuki, etc. Add the vegetables you want to your liking and complete your burger.

6. Vegan meatballs

Legumes are also great for making meatballs. For my taste, the best ones are chickpeas and lentils, but you can make them with the ones you want.

The important thing is that the legume you choose is the main ingredient, and then you can add vegetables, spices, breadcrumbs and some binder like wholemeal flour if necessary.

7. Tacos, fajitas, burritos…

Any of these rolled delicacies is great if we add a handful of legumes, especially black beans, red beans or chickpeas.

You can make them earlier in the pan with some sauce so they are more creamy.

8. Vegetable cakes

To make a legume cake you only need a rectangular mold and the finely chopped ingredients. The ideal would be to combine 3 different types of ingredients: vegetables, legumes and cereals. For example chickpeas, lentils and beans as legume; spinach, carrot and pumpkin as vegetables; quinoa, brown rice and oats like cereals, and spices and herbs to taste.

Compact it well and put it in the oven until it is golden brown. When you take it out, you will have a cake of vegetables, cereals and legumes that you can cut into portions and serve hot.

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