6 Amazing Health Benefits of Ginger

Its spicy taste enchants, surprises or disturbs our palates in culinary use but it is also touted for its health benefits. It is easy to find, ginger has almost everything to please.

Ginger origin

The term ginger is derived from the Sanskrit language and means “deer-shaped”. This image is reminiscent of the shape of the underground stem or root. The word ginger appeared for the first time in English before the 12th century, it owes its scientific name to the Latin Zingiber officinale.

Originally from Asia, Europe discovered it thanks to Arab merchants who began to import it as early as 1000 BC.

Uses of ginger

Cultivated in all hot regions of the world, ginger is a spice used in many Asian cuisines but also in the Western regions, in desserts in particular. The rhizome is very rich in starch.

It contains proteins, fats, essential oils and a resin. It is often used in cooking for its taste and oriental flavor. Slices of ginger are served with Japanese sushi and sashimi, recipes made from rice, seaweed and fresh fish.

It facilitates digestion and also has the function of cleaning the palate between dishes. It is eaten and is also drunk in infusion, iced or heated.

How to prepare the detox infusion of fresh ginger:

  • For 1 liter of preferably filtered water, you will need a 5 cm piece of ginger.
  • Cut the ginger into thin slices and let it steep in boiling water for at least 20 minutes, this cooking releases the most resistant antioxidants.
  • Drink hot or cold, with lemon juice (antioxidant) and honey.

Ginger has many virtues, from the simple toning to the natural medicine, it is used fresh, raw or cooked. For its health benefits, it is also possible to find it in capsules, powder, herbal tea and syrup.

The 6 benefits of ginger for health:

1. It is rich in nutrients

  • Ginger is rich in minerals: manganese, phosphorus, magnesium and also calcium, sodium and iron.
  • It contains vitamin B3, B1 and B2 in smaller amounts, fresh ginger contains vitamin C.
  • There is also copper in the raw ginger, this element is necessary for the formation, in the organism, of the haemoglobin and the collagen, protein serving for the structure and the repair of the tissues.

2. It is rich in antioxidants

Antioxidants protect the body’s cells from damage caused by free radicals.

Ginger has no less than 40 antioxidant compounds, cooking favoring the release of the most resistant.

With turmeric, mint, coriander, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, it ranks among the most antioxidant fresh vegetables.

An antioxidant cocktail of choice: ginger, garlic and onion

This mixture contains more antioxidants than each food taken separately. Prepare your palates! This can be a little surprising but the beneficial effects are guaranteed.

In addition garlic, onion and ginger reduce the risk of damage to the arteries and, thus, improve blood circulation in the legs.

3. It more likely has anti-inflammatory properties

Some studies have shown that fresh ginger will relieve arthritis-related pain. Its anti-inflammatory properties are still to be studied scientifically.

A natural anti-pain mixture: garlic, ginger, honey and apple vinegar

The advantage of the natural remedy is that it rarely has side effects. These ingredients have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. The mixture can act as an anti-pain remedy in cases of arthritis and asthma.


  • 25 cloves of garlic to crush or cut
  • 1 cup of apple vinegar (250 ml)
  • 1 cup of pure honey (340 gr)
  • ½ cup of lemon juice (125ml)
  • ½ cup of ginger juice (125 ml)

Mix garlic cloves, lemon juice, ginger juice in a blender

Add apple vinegar and honey.

Keep refrigerated in a carafe or glass bottle 1 week.

Dilute 2 scoops of the drink in water

Drink after before sleeping.

4. Does ginger work against diabetes?

According to a scientific study, the consumption of 3gr of ginger powder for 8 weeks in individuals with type 2 diabetes reduces the blood sugar levels of these people, so the study concludes positive results.

However, interactions are possible with taking medication, so it is important to consult the doctor in some cases before consuming ginger powder.

5. It is a great toning, aphrodisiac, and anti-cold remedy

Ginger is known to stimulate the immune system but also the libido. Especially for women during menopause, it would act as a prime aphrodisiac.

This root with many powers would also have that of warming cold feet, to calm the chills of winter and to fight against a fever. If you feel febrile and chilly, ginger is your ally!

6. Ginger as prevention or cure for common ailments

  • Nausea

Whether it is a virus, motion sickness or nausea in pregnancy, it would be as effective (the side effects of drowsiness less), as scopolamine, a drug prescribed by doctors against evil transports. A 2003 research at the University of Michigan, USA, confirms the benefits of ginger against nausea.

  • Colds

There are no scientific studies confirming its effectiveness, but it would have been proven to relieve fever among people with colds.

  • Headaches, migraine debut
  • Bloating, ginger tea is welcome.

Can eating ginger be dangerous?

In case of pregnancy and breastfeeding:

  • Scientific studies suggest a link between ginger consumption and miscarriages, others say it could lead to pregnancy complications. So it would be better, in these cases, to consult a doctor before consuming it regularly.
  • During breastfeeding, it is not recommended to consume.

In some people, ginger can cause oral inflammation

According to an Australian study, ginger is an anticoagulant superior to aspirin.

For this reason, taking ginger may be incompatible with certain health conditions and taking medication. Ginger acts as a more potent anticoagulant than aspirin, which makes it particularly incompatible with taking drugs to thin the blood.

Ginger, a food to avoid in case of heart disease

Ginger essential oil:

  • You can consult a naturopath to personalize this use. The essential oil of ginger is recommended among other things in case of fatigue, nascent depression, emotional imbalance (inhibition) or hair loss, sinusitis and overwork.
  • The essential oil can be diffused, inhaled or used as massage oil.
  • Its special benefits are to tone and balance the nervous system, ginger is also stimulating libido.

To receive the benefits of the essential oil, each person is different and dosages and modes of use depending on the desired treatment, it is strongly recommended to consult a naturopathic doctor.

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